Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Notecase is no more

I've been using the OSS version of notecase for a few years now and I've just found out that the original author has given up working on it as of version 1.9.8 (see the web page). I am not happy about this as I like this program. Things I like about this program are:
  • I can use it on my Nokia n810, on my Linux boxes, and on my Windows boxes at work. This makes it a great place to store notes.
  • It makes use of encryption so my personal information and passwords are safe.
  • The decrypted file format is plain text, so even if notecase is not installed I can still get to my all important notes.
Thankfully it can't be made proprietary but if it's not looked after it will stop working over time, and with the number of supported platforms it's probably a big job to keep it updated. A big well done and thanks to the author Miroslav Rajcic - I hope he manages to make some money from this great program. Now, I don't personally need any of the features of the Pro version but I would like:
  • to be able to sync with a master document.
  • to be able to assign an icon when I create a new node.
A small wish list. Maybe I'll look into hacking it and learning some more GTK/Gnome in the process...

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