Monday, 10 March 2014

New Nagrestconf and Synagios Releases

I released Nagrestconf 1.173 and Synagios 0.12 today.

Nagrestconf has had visual changes to the sidebar so the 'Apply Changes' button doesn't change position when a different page is selected, and it looks nicer, to me anyway, but more importantly it should work well as I add more plugins. There have also been a few more bugfixes.

Synagios has been updated with Nagrestconf 1.173 and the port can now be changed when installing it, as someone pointed out that it conflicts with BitTorrent Sync. Upgrading Synagios is simple, being the same as the initial install but without having to answer any questions.

Take a look at the Issue Tracker for the 1.173 milestone to see what's changed.

Thanks to all for the valuable feedback.


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