Monday, 19 January 2015

Obdi in Pictures

I've started a new Open Source project called Obdi. It's a remote script runner useful for lots of things but right now it has a few plugins to help with managing servers using Salt Stack. The following screen shots give a very quick overview of where I've got to with the Salt Stack plugins...

View and configure your servers
Log in, choose the environment, then list the servers.


Choose a git version to use by clicking the plus sign on the previous screen.
This is for controlling upgrades.

Bootstrap responsive design. Use it on your phone.
The next screen shots show a server that is down, changing the git version for a server, and modifying the state files assigned to a server. Grains can also be viewed but this is not shown.


View Salt Jobs.

Assign a default set of state files using server globs.

Manage Keys.