Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Obdi Milestone 0.1.4 Released Today

Obdi Milestone 0.1.4 is available today.

  • RPM: Adds cert and works out GOROOT. Closes #21
  • Added documentation. Fixes #23.
  • Don't create sidebar item when HasView==0
  • Documentation moved out of Wiki
  • DEB: Fixes #19. Add cert creation to OS packages
  • Ubuntu Installation fixes
  • upstart scripts
  • Build now works stand-alone and in ubuntu ppa
  • Debian/Ubuntu build files
  • Take plugins out. Closes #3
  • Added rpm dependency on git, gcc and golang
  • Added repository manager to admin interface
  • Log plugin's stdout to obdi's stdout. Closes #17
Centos 6 RPMs are available at GitHub:

Ubuntu packages uploaded to Launchpad:

What's next? Centos 6 Installation Guide.

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