Thursday, 23 July 2015

SourceForge is back - Yay!

The Nagresconf Web site,, is back on-line. What a huge job that must have been for sourceforge to have taken a week to get back on-line.

Interestingly, Google Analytics on the Web site show that it had 61 sessions on Monday and 81 on Tuesday, when the site was down. Why? - I have no idea!


  1. Hey,

    will there be a new Version of Synagios with updated Core Version and/or GUI? :)

    1. What version of nagios would you like to have? What sort of GUI update?

      I have some plans but I'd like to know your thoughts.

  2. Hey Mark,

    thank you for your fast reaction. There is a new Version 4.x of the Nagios Core available. It would be nice, if that could be integrated. What are your plans for a new Version? The GUI is pretty good, but i think an Option to edit config files or Import plugins would be great, if possible.



    1. Firstly, thanks for your feedback :)

      Rather than Nagios 4, I will probably bundle Naemon, which is a Nagios 4 fork. I've been waiting for that to be stable and I think it is now.

      The Thruk UI and livestatus are bundled with Naemon, which I think is great, since I have used Thruk for many years, and livestatus is really useful. With livestatus Nagvis is possible.

      Being able to manage plugins would be a great step forward, but I also want to completely revamp the UI. I'm not really sure what to do about that but I'm leaning towards using Obdi for the UI, which will involve making nagrestconf plugins for Obdi then a separate plugin can be written for managing plugins and other nagios config files, probably using Ansible or Salt Stack.

      I'll most likely do the Naemon 4 upgrade first and create a separate installer for that. Then later a nagrestconf GUI overhaul.

    2. You´re welcome,

      thank you for your synology package:). I am using the fix Version, because of my newer Version of synology Hardware.

      i heard of naemon from my friend and i think it is very great too. I would welcome it, if you build a package for synology:) How Long do you think it will take? I´m looking Forward to it :)

      That sounds great.

    3. The best I can say is sign up for a GitHub account, if you haven't got one already, then write a '+1' comment on the issue:

      Then you'll get an email when it's done :)