Sunday, 18 June 2017

I was reading 'The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Gymnastics', and went to download the training cards from but the site has gone and I couldn't find the training cards anywhere!

I created a set of training cards and I'm sharing it here to save others the hassle! I'll upload a PDF version of this file if anyone asks for it (I couldn't upload it here unfortunately, so it would be hosted somewhere else), but a JPEG version is below.

Note that Blogger reduces the size/quality of the JPEG so if anyone wants the originals just say 'post the originals' in the comments and I'll upload them to GitHub.



  1. I would like the originals/pdf. What is GitHub?

  2. Hi! I've put the original here:

    1. Did you by chance recreate any of the other forms, like the test sheet?

    2. No, sorry, I've only needed this sheet. The test sheet would be good to have though but I can't see a sample in the book.